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Studieren während der Pandemie: Hilfsangebote der ALU


Hier finden Sie Informationen rund um Hilfsangebote der ALU zu Corona. Diese beinhalten u.a. Hinweise zum Umgang mit der Pandemie, Adressen für professionelle psychologische Beratungen sowie Tipps & Tricks für "Corona-Semester".


Studentisches (Corona-)Leben & Coping Strategien
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Corona & Studium: FAQ - Formalitäten
Corona & Studien(not)finanzierung


 Corona & Brückenstipendium der Gesellschaft für Kognitionswissenschaft e.v.GK-Logo


Bridging grant (Brückenstipendium) for young researchers: The Society will again support students (based at a German university) who find themselves in a difficult (emergency) situation caused by the Corona pandemic with a bridging grant. The grant consists a funding for maximum of three months á 500 € per month. The GK is able to offer up to 8 grants. The grant is meant as financial support allowing to finish the respective degree (Bachelor or Master) or providing some financial relief during an important PhD thesis phase (e.g. finishing a paper). The selection will be done by the members of the steering committee of the society. Applicants who have already received a bridging grant from the society will not be eligible.
The application shall be sent per email with the subject „Application Bridging Grant“ to the president of the GK, Prof. Dr. Barbara Kaup ( For further information visit;
Application deadline: 31.10.2020